May 6, 2024

Public Transport Options to Visit Pike Place Market

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Navigating Seattle’s city streets to reach the iconic Pike Place Market can be an adventure in itself.

Fortunately, the city boasts a pretty reliable and convenient public transportation system that makes getting to the market a breeze.

Whether you’re a local looking for the best way to avoid traffic or a visitor seeking to immerse yourself in the city’s culture, here are some public transport options to consider for your journey to Pike Place Market.

Public Transport Options to Visit Pike Place Market

1. Seattle Streetcar:

What is the Seattle Streetcar? The Seattle Streetcar provides a convenient and scenic way to travel to Pike Place Market from various neighborhoods within the city.

The South Lake Union Line connects downtown Seattle to the vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood, passing by Pike Place Market along the way. Enjoy stunning views of the city skyline and Puget Sound as you glide through the streets in these sleek and modern streetcars.

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2. Metro Bus:

What is the Metro Bus? Seattle’s Metro Bus system offers a comprehensive network of routes that serve the entire city, including Pike Place Market.

Several bus lines stop near the market, making it easy to access from different parts of Seattle and the surrounding area. Check the Metro Transit website or use a transit app to plan your route and find the nearest bus stop to your starting point.

Always check bus schedules before you go!

3. Link Light Rail:

What is the Link Light Rail? The Link Light Rail provides fast and efficient transportation between downtown Seattle and the surrounding suburbs, including SeaTac Airport.

While there isn’t a direct Link Light Rail station at Pike Place Market, you can take the train to the Westlake Station downtown and then transfer to a bus or walk a short distance (about 7-10 minutes) to reach the market. (Tip: the original Nordstrom store is right next to the Westlake Station and is also a fun place to visit in Seattle!)

This option is especially convenient for visitors arriving from the airport or staying downtown.

Fares range from $2.25-3.50 depending on how far you travel along the route, but always check beforehand if you need exact pricing.

4. Seattle Monorail:

What is the Seattle Monorail? For a unique and memorable way to reach Pike Place Market, consider taking a ride on the Seattle Monorail.

This iconic mode of transportation connects downtown Seattle to the Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle and other attractions. From the Seattle Center, it’s just a short walk or bus ride to Pike Place Market, allowing you to combine sightseeing with your journey to the market.

Get info about the Seattle Monorail here.

5. Water Taxi:

What is the Water Taxi? For visitors staying in West Seattle or looking to explore the city from a different perspective, the King County Water Taxi offers a scenic and relaxing way to travel to downtown Seattle.

The water taxi departs from Seacrest Park in West Seattle and arrives at Pier 50 downtown, just a short walk from Pike Place Market. Enjoy stunning views of the Seattle skyline and Elliott Bay as you cruise across the water to your destination.

Seattle’s public transportation options are decent and mostly convenient to visit Pike Place Market without the hassle of driving and parking.

Whether you prefer to ride a streetcar, hop on a bus, or take a scenic water taxi, there’s a transportation option to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences.

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