May 6, 2024

Public Bathroom Tips for Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Public Market Sign

Alright, let’s talk about something important but often overlooked when exploring a bustling place like Pike Place Market: public bathrooms.

When I first started visiting the market frequently, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are decent bathroom options that the market and city do a good job of maintaining. However, remember these are public bathrooms, so, how can I say it nicely… don’t expect the a 5-star hotel restroom experience 😉

Here are some friendly tips to help you navigate the public bathrooms at Pike Place Market like a pro:

1. Know Where to Find Them

Pike Place Market might be sprawling, but finding a restroom isn’t as hard as it seems.

Near the main entrance on Pike Street, you’ll find restrooms conveniently located just inside the market, down the stairs to the right of Pike Place Fish. This one is clean but it’s the busiest one, so not my first choice (but again, clean so good if you need it!).

Find more options here on the Market’s main site.

If you’re exploring the MarketFront expansion, head towards the northwest corner of the market, where you’ll find additional restroom facilities with modern amenities.

There is a good one in Post Alley, behind Pike Place Chowder, inside and around the corner.

Post Alley Pike Place Market

Another option is inside the Economy Market Building, where you’ll discover clean and well-maintained facilities to meet your needs.

2. Be Prepared for Waits

During peak hours, especially on weekends and during tourist season, you might encounter lines for the bathrooms. It’s a good idea to factor in some extra time for restroom breaks, especially if you’re traveling with kids or have a tight schedule. Patience is key, and remember, everyone’s in the same boat!

3. Consider Alternative Options

If you’re in a pinch and the main restrooms are busy, don’t fret. There are alternative options nearby. Many cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the area have public restrooms available for customers. Just be sure to make a purchase or ask politely before using the facilities.

4. Plan Ahead for Accessibility

If you or someone in your group requires accessible facilities, Pike Place Market has you covered.

The MarketFront expansion features fully accessible restrooms with spacious stalls and amenities designed for individuals with disabilities. The main restrooms also have baby changing stations for parents with young children.

5. Keep it Clean and Respectful

Last but certainly not least, let’s all do our part to keep the public bathrooms at Pike Place Market clean and pleasant for everyone to use.

Navigating the public bathrooms at Pike Place Market doesn’t have to be stressful during your visit. By knowing where to find them, being prepared for queues, considering alternative options if necessary, planning ahead for accessibility, and maintaining cleanliness and respect, you can ensure a smooth and comfortable restroom experience while exploring one of Seattle’s most iconic destinations.

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